The proximity of the airport near the flight kitchen gives CAFS Hyderabad and unrivaled advantage of being able to cater to aircraft efficiently.

A large facility that houses state of the art equipment that ensures the quality of the food that CAFS provides. We employ a skilled team to quality-check all the food we prepare.

At our Hyderabad facility, we have a team of 265 professionals who work harmoniously to put forth the best dishes from various cuisines. This team includes some of the best chefs and support staff in the industry. They work together to provide the best food for your passengers.

Our facility has the production capacity to prepare 30,000 meals per day. We have more than enough manpower and technical capabilities at our Hyderabad facility to help you with your catering needs. We work hard to make your life and the lives of your crew members easier.

The Hyderabad facility is currently producing 6000 meals every single day. Compared with the current production capacity, we are only preparing around 3,000 meals per day. We still have the capability to prepare more than enough meals for your passengers.

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