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Airline Catering Service

Catering the highest standard of quality and safety

We are a passion-driven organization that focuses its energy on delivering innovative solutions to our customer’s catering needs. We proudly fulfill our commitment to serving the best by following our process that was garnered from the experience of over four decades in the industry. Being such a veteran service provider in the industry, we are familiar with the values of our customers and their ever-growing demand for quality and reliability.

Flight Catering

Our commitment doesn’t end with our customers. We make sure that the millions of passengers flying enjoy and are satisfied with the meals we prepare. We continuously improve ourselves with the feedback given to us by the discerning passengers. Meals of the highest standards of quality and safety are the service that delights the passengers flying with you. Our kitchens are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment which helps us prepare several meals on time.

VVIP Flight Catering

We have a well-designed process of catering for VVIP flights. Our meals pass through an uncompromising array of quality and safety standard checks that ensures the best result from us. As a multicultural organization, we constantly work to offer quality solutions that fulfil the cultural, religious, and other dietary needs of the guest such as Halal, Kosher, or pure vegetarian food.

The VVIP Flight Catering service is directed and catered to international dignitaries leaving after a visit to India, or members of the Indian Government such as prime ministers, presidents, etc.

Chartered Flights

We have set the standard for serving exceptionally premium culinary dining for the guests travelling on chartered flights. Our chefs whip out a series of star dishes for the distinguished guests traveling through a chartered flight. We customize gourmet meals and serve them on chartered flights for business tycoons to celebrities and media giants.

We know the importance of the guests traveling with you, and our meals will convey your care towards them. Our meals are prepared with the ultimate safety standard and food quality.

Airline Bonds

CAFS can offer international airlines for storage of perishables and non-perishables. We serve custom bonded items for the comfort of the passengers traveling on your flight. Our team manages the communication with the Indian Customs department, which allows us to import the airline stock items for re-exporting.

We make sure that all the items required by the flight crew are present on the flight that can make the travel experience of your guests pleasant.


The in-flight service for laundry includes the collection of dirty linen and napkins, washing, repacking, and dispatching of clean linen and napkins. We also manage the storekeeping, issuing, and maintenance of linen inventory on the airlines. CAFS also has an exclusive service for staff uniform laundering. We handle everything from laundering and maintenance of all whether uniforms of various airlines.

Our services also extend to quality checking the clean linen and only providing the best for your guests.

Our customers are our top most priority. We prepare our food
with keeping the trust they have for us in mind. We make sure that
each grain that leaves our kitchen is filled with the flavour of quality,
safety, and our hard work.