A 10,000 sq. ft facility just 500 metres from the airport. The close proximity allows us to deliver meals for passengers that are hygienic and fresh. We make sure that all the safety procedures are adhered to and the meals are delivered on time.

Within this 10,000 sq. feet facility, we have put some of the best equipment available for the industry. Our facilities are certified by food standards and safety organisations.

We work together in harmony to make sure that your passengers get the best dining experience possible. The team includes some of the most experienced chefs and support staff. We maintain a code of work that enables us to deliver quality products in the safest way possible.

CAFS Kannur has the team and equipment to prepare 3,500 meals every single day. The process that we follow reduces any gap in production while increasing the productivity of the employees. We work hard so that the lives of your flight crew are made easier.

This facility prepares 2,100 meals every day for popular airlines in the industry. Each meal goes through our quality process that ensures safety and hygiene.


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