Extended Family

CAFS has 1350 odd employees in units spread across three locations. CAFS believes that congenial atmosphere and job satisfaction are the two best inputs to have in an organization.

Working with clockwork precision and unfailing perfection is tedious and demands more of the employees. CAFS understands the expectation made of the individual and takes special effort to make the work environment as positive as possible. The extended family of CAFS becomes more committed and productive as they enjoy a stress free environment to work in, which is transparent and more or less flat in structure. Employee enrichment programmes like training and development, Yoga and counseling helps them to put in their best.

Employee health is very high on CAFS priority list. An initial health check before recruit followed by annual health checks coupled with the policy of complete check after long leave or travel abroad ensures that the workforce is fighting fit. This conducive and healthy environment couple with avenues for career growth motivates them to work more industriously at the facility.