Modern Processes

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To come out with flying colours in flight catering and allied services, CAFS maintains modern facilities at its different centres. Built to technical parameters as set by international airlines and proven on quality tests for health and hygiene, the CAFS facility is a microcosm of perfection. The secure facility houses the different sections of the work flow to churn out the end product- safe food prepared hygienically with local flavours.

Right from procurement to loading food trays to aircraft, a set of SOPs(Standard Operating Procedures) ensure that quality of the food is safeguarded. The whole process line is planned thus too. The quality checks like microbiological tests are done at different stages of production and packing. CAFS doesn’t outsource any part of food production or storage. The Halal kitchen takes special care to keep the butchery separate for fish, fowl and meat.

As CAFS doesn’t outsource any part of the food processing, the standards of quality is maintained across the different sections such as bakery, confectionary, ice plant, cold kitchen and hot kitchen.Each stage is monitored for quality and the system generates reports which are supervised by quality experts elsewhere. A rare hitch is put alright in no time with the help of advanced information technology that helps manage the kitchen.

Hygiene is the watchword at CAFS. Apart from ensuring the hygiene of raw materials and the product, the workplace too is kept clean and secure as per the stipulated international standards.