The Passion Behind

If cooking is an art, cooking and presenting it in an appealing manner demands fine taste. Cooking well and setting it in a appealing manner in the minimum confines of a food tray while conforming to exacting standards of health and hygiene, calls professional excellence.

At CAFS, we have a team of professionals who don't settle for anything less than perfect for the simple reason that airlines demand the same of them. The food served in the skies should be tasty, hygienic, conforming to quality parameters and appealing to eye. And to deliver consistently, day after day requires passion, an untiring love for the job.

And it is ‘Passion’ that drives the master chef, who assisted by a senior team of experienced chefs from different cuisines, leads the qualified team at CAFS which works round the clock with precision and professionalism to reach the airborne passengers the best of food. And all of it is made by them in the secure environment of CAFS facility, be it salads, main course, dessert, baked stuff or sweets.

And the passion has paid off. CAFS enjoys a market share of 85% both at Cochin and Calicut and 10% at Chennai.