The Earth to Sky Story

For those who know anything about hospitality and travel in India, CGH Earth means memorable holidays and hospitality. Known for their unique style of making people enjoy vacations in the lap of Nature without ever so disturbing the ecosystem, culture or lay of the land, CGH Earth is synonymous with responsible tourism. And it was just natural that when Cochin started to figure on the air routes map, CGH Earth came forward to meet the need of Air Catering and Flight Services. That brought in the local flavour and cuisine with finesse. Thus was born CAFS, a name that has created a niche for itself in the last forty years.

Over the years we have grown with continued excellence and innovations. CAFS has upheld quality of taste and presentation that CGH Earth is known for. Food on flight - as fresh as it can be, is what we aimed for and achieved. Relish the seasonal favourites of local cuisine served aesthetically with a touch of class. Enjoy tastes that linger, made to exacting standards from one of the most experienced flight kitchens-CAFS. The modern facilities adhering to environmental and health standards brings the airline passenger delectable meals presented by a team of passionate experienced chefs and supported by qualified, dedicated men and women who add to the art of cooking and presentation the safest hygienic way.

Clean, Green and Healthy – that sums up CAFS.